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How to change your Name Server in Bluehost

The Bluehost domain once purchased can be managed via its Name Servers Tab and it is only applicable for those with a domain hosted by Bluehost. It is not a very lengthy or technical process to change the Name Server and updating the name servers is easy. It requires one to follow few organised steps to change.


Research plays an important role in picking the best web hosting service for your website. In addition to that get a coupon got Bluehost and save money with it. Ranking to the top of a website is something that all business owners dream of and this is one of the main reasons why understanding what you should look for in a web hosting plan is essential before you invest your money. A little research will benefit your website in the long run. Here’s what you should expect from a web hosting company in order for you to rank better on Search Engines.

The steps to changing the name server in Bluehost is as follows:-

  • The first step is to login to your Bluehost Control Panel and ensure that you keep your login credentials handy.
  • After you log in to the account, there will be multiple tabs on the top and for changing the server name, click on domain. The domains will be multiple types like .com, .in, .org etc and according to your preference choose any by putting a check mark next to it.
  • After choosing the Domain Name, you will be directed to a page with multiple tabs on top and choose name servers among them. Talking about Nameservers for a domain name it is basically specialised servers which converts domain name into IP Address that can be searched on internet. There are multiple options for name servers like default nameservers and custom nameservers. The default name server is a default option provided by Bluehost and custom name servers allows you incorporate one of your choice.
  • In case where you want to change the name server, choose the custom name server, enter the new name as per search criteria and save the settings.

Name Servers is a unique identity that is provided to the domain or your website so that it can be easily searched across the entire web. We can say it is an ID that is allotted to the domain and thus makes things easy for the manager and user of the website. Changing the name server is very easy and after the domain has been created, later as well following the steps one can easily change the name server.

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Web Hosting

To begin with, SiteGround web hosting is currently one of the best website hosting services in the industry. Their service is basically cheaper than most hosting companies out there, at least the initial plan intended for the bloggers and newbie website owners. On the other hand, there are custom made solutions solely made for the SiteGround subscribers to offer faster website loading, more secured and better hardware ecosystem – all within a low budget range.


Shared hosting plans are most popular on SiteGround hosting but the product list extends to dedicated hosting, dedicated WordPress services, Joomla services and so on. Like any great service, SiteGround hosting has their very own pros and cons as well; which we would discuss after giving you anbrief insight on the SiteGround services.

Shared Hosting

SiteGround’s most popular hosting plan has to be the Shared hosting plans. There are three, starting from $3.95/month ranging all the way up towards $14.95/month. The initial plan named StartUp costs $3.95/month with 10 GB HDD space, bandwidth worth 10,000 monthly visits etc. GrowBig costs $7.95/month, offers 20 GB HDD space and 25,000 monthly visits and for the GoGeek plan, these figures are 30 GB HDD space with 100,000 monthly vists at $14.95/month. Check here all SiteGround shared hosting plans and respective reivews/offers.

Dedicated Servers

A shared server ecosystem might not meet all the requirements of large scale subscribers like businesses or large enterprises, and SiteGround lets people take lease of their dedicated servers for a specific amount of money. The Entry Server plan is based on Intel Xeo CPU, 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive, costing only $229/month. You will get around 30 to 60% discount if you use SelectedHosting promo code while cheking out. On the other hand, the highest tier Enterprise Server plan comes at $429/month and it’s based on Xeon CPU, 16 GB RAM and 2 TB SATA HDD.

WordPress Hosting

For bloggers who only require the website contents to show fluidly without any technical involvement of the website owner in any processes, the WordPress hosting plans are the most suitable ones. Another good news is, the pricing remains exactly the same as the shared hosting plans. To equip a website with WordPress plugin, the cPanel could help. No scratch level modifications would be necessary, thus the hosting remains safe.

Pros and Cons

With great power comes great responsibility, and if the responsibility isn’t always properly dealt with some cons along with pros might arise. Here’s a few we could gather regarding the SiteGround service.


  • Cheaper plans: In comparison with the current website hosting market pricing, the SiteGround price is truly much cheaper. All the companies offer lucrative words in their promotions while they’re mostly misguiding, but SiteGround’s $3.95/month is an actual amount; there wouldn’t be any additional fees.
  • Intruder safe: As the security threat on virtual installments are going high these days, SiteGround has taken extra measures to not let any hacker go past through their firewalls and anti-malware programs.
  • Website uptime: The guarantee of 99.9% isn’t always true, but the actual output is more than 98% which is very close to the promoted extent.


  • Limited features: The cheapest plan is slightly restricted as not many of the high-end features are implemented in the cheapest plan.
  • Limited storage and bandwidth: The initial plan comes with only 10 GB of storage. For serious website users, 10 GB won’t even cut it. On the other hand, there’s no specific mention of bandwidth on the SiteGround website, rather it’s just an approximation of visitors to a website per month.
  • No free trial: While most companies offer free trial and money back guarantees, SiteGround hasn’t truly walked that way. As a result, SiteGround’s service could often feel like a burden.


Reading the surface level facts mentioned on this article, we assume you could have made out an appropriate decision. For better and cheaper rates on website hosting, check with affiliates to get a discount coupon.

Hosting Reseller

Hosting Reseller Target Group of Consumers

In web hosting industry, there are various types of web hosting plans. For the people willing to make some money by reselling some hosting plans from renowned companies, there are these reseller hosting plans. Here, reselling refers to utilizing some hosting company’s platforms and resources that acts as a parent organization; and selling off those packages as the seller’s own property. The profit comes from the slight margin between revenue and expense; it totally depends on the reseller’s marketing strategies. Reseller host could be very profiting, or the exactly other way depending on the success rate of the reseller.

Hosting Reseller

Insights of Reseller Hosting

Currently many popular hosting company offers reseller hosting accounts. Anyone willing to start a business should just open an account, fill up payment details and start reselling immediately. However, there are different packages tailored to meet the needs of the resellers. For example, few reseller hosting companies would accrue the whole expense whilst purchasing the reselling accounts from them, while many other might charge every time a new account has been sold by the reseller. It depends on company, the company’s business policy and marketing strategies. However, some reseller companies might ask for some supporting details like – whether the reseller is able to do their own marketing and sell a satisfactory number of accounts each month as there will be a minimal quota allocated in most cases. Also, a reseller must be able to manage their own accounts and the accounts they sell, while keeping the reputation of the parent company intact.

The reseller hosting accounts offer their subscriptions in terms of disk space, domain hosting, and bandwidth etc. pretty much like any other hosting plan. Depending on package, there may be additional features like CMS, script coding windows, third party monitoring and tracking tools etc.

Who Should Join Reseller Hosting?

No matter what profession someone is in, a reseller hosting can act as an additional business. Especially for the IT people who work with the computer and internet etc. can make more money from a reseller hosting account. These hosting accounts can be used for self-purposes as well; selling the leftovers will generate a pretty good amount of money if properly sold. The potentials are mostly open for web designers, who could offer a whole web designing and development plan along with a hosting plan.

For starters, reseller hosting accounts may be a good place to put money in. However, there are risks of losing money as well which should be kept in mind. A reseller hosting account isn’t just some money making or wish granting factory – there has to be hard work involved in the story.

Where to Start

The startup requires real good motivation, some money and of course knowledge on how the whole web hosting stuff works. The industry is very competitive these days and one single mistake will make the worst possible outcome happen. If cost is a concern for the startup, use hosting coupons from affiliate websites.

Determining the price is important. The parent company will sell the hosting plans for a specific amount of money, the resellers need to calculate their profit margin and determine the selling price. That’s easy, yet complicated.


As it appears, anyone can join reseller hosting business. Whoever it is, the business requires sincerity and if that is met, it’s an easy way to make money.

Changing Web Hosting

Web Host Change in 5 Easy Steps

Out of each 5 random website, you are going to find web hosting companies’ ad on at least 3 of them. That’s how virally these companies are spreading, and quite literally they are offering competitive service. The service range greatly varies; there are custom tailored packages as well. If you have a feeling that your current web host is not being able to provide everything you need, then changing the web host could be an option. Switching from one web hosting provider to another could be hectic, but our 5 tips can get you through at ease.

Changing Web Hosting

Grab All Your Data Together

To wrap it up, you have to have all your current website data handy. Just pack it all up and shift it to a new home – that’s what switching to a new web host server is all about but the process is more complicated than it is being said. However, using the FTP protocol on your web hosting server, grab all the required data you have hosted on your server space. If your hosting offers backup facility, you may also grab the backup copy and.

For mailboxes, explore what options you have available. New web host will offer and require new setup for a mailbox hence you need to figure an easier way out.

Find the Most Appropriate Web Host

Finding the perfect web hosting service exists in mere theories, there’s no such thing in reality. The company that might seem perfect today, would most probably require upgrade or a change in the coming few years. However, go shopping and choose the web host that looks perfect for now. Don’t just purchase a subscription because the promotion looks colorful. Focus on customer feedback, practical service uptime and customer service. If your website targets a regional group of audience, try choosing a web server located in that specific region.


The migration will take some advanced technical knowledge about web hosting and FTP protocol. Upon purchase, the new web host is bound to provide new credential set for the FTP server. Previous web host would have theirs hence you would still be able to access the previous FTP. Upload all the website data to your new hosting FTP.Use the control panel provided by the new web host to organize everything as you had in your previous host. If required, install a custom control panel.

Rest the Domain Name Settings

There will be changes in your domain name settings once you have successfully changed the web host. The DNS lookup will no more remain the same as previous; it will now point towards a new address to fetch your website directory and files. If you know under which company your website’s nameserver was registered, you may call them to make the necessary adjustments.

Let Everything Settle

Though the necessary configuration is now complete, yet it takes around 48 hours for all new settings to settle down. The refresh process is called propagation, this term is related to the DNS reassignment and this procedure takes the longest period of time in usual cases. Once you have your website running on the new web host server, check if everything is all okay and ditch the previous hosting.

Coupons for Tryouts

Many companies offer hosting coupons for initially trying out their web hosting services. This may not be a better option while you are switching, but still giving it a try doesn’t hurt.


Following these 5 simple procedures will make the migration happen at ease. If anything is messed up during the process, ask your network administrator.

Multiple Domains

How to Host Multiple Domains on Same Server

Everybody aspires to become something in life and they often choose one of the trusted and trending methods to accomplish it. Floating a website has become the best way to earn money in short time. However, it is not about content or the registered domain name only. There are many things associated with it and that makes the difference. In the era of competition, it is important to have some distinct services and multiple domains hosting in a single server is one of them.

Multiple Domains

Multiple Domain Hosting

The difference comes in the hosting resources available for any domain. It is needless to say that everyone looks for stable and secure hosting services. But it is equally true that people do look for affordable services as well. Basically the services and the range of cost remain close to each other but things get complicated when you owe multiple domains. It will be a costly affair to host the different domains on different servers. It will not only multiply your cost but also will make it a tedious job to manage. Now the era of hosting multiple domains in one server has come. You can have hosting resource and add on the multiple domains you own. The cost if single hosting resource is affordable now thanks to the hosting coupons available. However, it is important to cross check the services offered by the service providers. They advertise as they offer multiple domains on a single server but in reality they offer only single domain. So before taking up the service you must make sure that the provider offers multiple domains services.

How to Add Multiple Domains in Single Server

The process is pretty easy and does not need any technical qualifications to achieve it. One needs to simply go to the control panel and add the domains. You can manage the different domains from the control panel as well. The domains can be registered from any providers and websites can be floated upon. You get same facilities and the performance on each domain as you have got for an individual server. You can install the services if any provider likes WordPress to start working in the websites.

Benefits of Multiple Domains on Single Server

There are scores if benefits of the mechanism. It saves your huge cost and also reduces the effort to manage it. Your purpose of unique identification of every domain gets addressed as well. You get different URL, different mail ids, and others. Their services provided by the hosting services can also be shared among the websites. However, there are drawbacks of the system as well. All your websites come under in server so you become dependent on the server for your entire investment. If anything goes wrong with the server then all the websites go down together.

Multiple domains on the same server are one of the most preferred mechanisms in the world now. People tend to avoid hassles of different servers. Top notch services offer reliable services which are secured.

Analytical Review of DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost is certainly the leading hosting options that come in contemporary situation after HostGator, and Bluehost. It has its own fan base for some of its unique aspects. The most distinguishing part with it has been its controlling options. Apart from this, the ‘unlimited’ tag with most of its features has dragged many attentions. However, it has been receiving complaints regarding comparatively duller customer support. Though the experienced folks are still finding it a good option, the beginners are still facing problems while going through it. Anyway, let’s have a look at its various aspects.

dreamhost review

Attractive Pay back guarantee and discounts

The attention dragging part with DreamHost has been its pay back strategy. Where its contemporaries revolve around 30-45 days, DreamHost comes with unbelievable 97 day pay back options. It means the company is too honest to care for your hard earned money. Play with it, find it better and then own. You can use Dreamhost Coupons 2014 while buying the hosting plan from them. They offer $85 OFF for the first year.

Traffic Driving Strategy:

It provides an awesome free backup space. They go with very stringent deal that resists user from letting visitors to play with the server resources. It also helps them protecting the exclusive stuff. Apart from this, DreamHost may demand for the dedicated service upon finding the site bulky. This is a fantastic step that most of the bloggers and ecommerce sites welcome as DreamHost claims to make some effort if your site creates issues for other users on the server   .

Not So Good Technical Support:

As we have mentioned above, it has not been upto the mark when it comes about providing technical support. The live chat has been disappointing in many occasions. The worst part is that they are not having telephone numbers. The sprinkled downtime has been another flaw part for DreamHost. Most of the low-end websites don’t mind it, but those are broadly focussed in bringing as many visitors as they can, simply find it dissaponting. However, the hosting house comes with the option that the users can leave a note at the company’s blog to have an idea about the time when it can come back on track.

In addition, you can leave notifications for special deals through the blog.

Forum Support Good for Beginners:

Anyway, they have placed the frequently asked questions those cover almost every issue that a user can come across with. Like the others, it makes the process too social through the forum service. In most of the cases, folks from the company sort out the problem through forums. Though this is not an incredible step for the experts, still this is certainly encouraging for the beginners.

Infinite: Bandwidth, Storage Space, FTP

DreamHost comes with a big heart by providing infinite FTP accounts. Apart from this, the company is having no limitation with disk storage capacity, and the monthly bandwidth. This is certainly the department where it has turned out to be a smart performer to have a reason to think about for big websites.


Finally, to be specific we recommend DreamHost if you are planning for a small website, or if you are a smart coder having enough knowledge who wants to have some experiments. As we have said before the service is certainly the concern that comes as a huddle in big sites opting for this. In addition, no blogger, or e-commerce site owner would ever want to see his site down no matter what time of the day it is. You can use DreamHost Coupons. Similarly this is not a good choice for the beginner developers as well.