Guy who run this blog

I am Jack S. Feldman, a 29 year old fashion designer from Anderson, IN. Currently, I am running my own designer studio called “Perfect Cuts”. I am an experienced designer, who believes in giving personal touch to clothing, keeping in mind the personality of the client. Clients love me for my unique style and attention to the minutest of details.

I have always had a flair for fashion and a sense of style and was lucky enough to convert on it as a career. With a degree in fashion design and dreams in my eyes, I started with my own brand and was able to reach great heights within a short period of time. Along with my design studio, I was keen on sharing my views and fashion tips with fashion lovers all over the world, which became the reason I started up with my fashion blog. Today, this blog enjoys a huge fan following, with people from all over joining in at a steady rate. They trust my blog for looking their best.

I invite you all to join in as members of my blog and share and express your views on fashion right here. You can contact me on the blog any time.

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