Hosting Reseller

Hosting Reseller Target Group of Consumers

In web hosting industry, there are various types of web hosting plans. For the people willing to make some money by reselling some hosting plans from renowned companies, there are these reseller hosting plans. Here, reselling refers to utilizing some hosting company’s platforms and resources that acts as a parent organization; and selling off those packages as the seller’s own property. The profit comes from the slight margin between revenue and expense; it totally depends on the reseller’s marketing strategies. Reseller host could be very profiting, or the exactly other way depending on the success rate of the reseller.

Hosting Reseller

Insights of Reseller Hosting

Currently many popular hosting company offers reseller hosting accounts. Anyone willing to start a business should just open an account, fill up payment details and start reselling immediately. However, there are different packages tailored to meet the needs of the resellers. For example, few reseller hosting companies would accrue the whole expense whilst purchasing the reselling accounts from them, while many other might charge every time a new account has been sold by the reseller. It depends on company, the company’s business policy and marketing strategies. However, some reseller companies might ask for some supporting details like – whether the reseller is able to do their own marketing and sell a satisfactory number of accounts each month as there will be a minimal quota allocated in most cases. Also, a reseller must be able to manage their own accounts and the accounts they sell, while keeping the reputation of the parent company intact.

The reseller hosting accounts offer their subscriptions in terms of disk space, domain hosting, and bandwidth etc. pretty much like any other hosting plan. Depending on package, there may be additional features like CMS, script coding windows, third party monitoring and tracking tools etc.

Who Should Join Reseller Hosting?

No matter what profession someone is in, a reseller hosting can act as an additional business. Especially for the IT people who work with the computer and internet etc. can make more money from a reseller hosting account. These hosting accounts can be used for self-purposes as well; selling the leftovers will generate a pretty good amount of money if properly sold. The potentials are mostly open for web designers, who could offer a whole web designing and development plan along with a hosting plan.

For starters, reseller hosting accounts may be a good place to put money in. However, there are risks of losing money as well which should be kept in mind. A reseller hosting account isn’t just some money making or wish granting factory – there has to be hard work involved in the story.

Where to Start

The startup requires real good motivation, some money and of course knowledge on how the whole web hosting stuff works. The industry is very competitive these days and one single mistake will make the worst possible outcome happen. If cost is a concern for the startup, use hosting coupons from affiliate websites.

Determining the price is important. The parent company will sell the hosting plans for a specific amount of money, the resellers need to calculate their profit margin and determine the selling price. That’s easy, yet complicated.


As it appears, anyone can join reseller hosting business. Whoever it is, the business requires sincerity and if that is met, it’s an easy way to make money.

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