Multiple Domains

How to Host Multiple Domains on Same Server

Everybody aspires to become something in life and they often choose one of the trusted and trending methods to accomplish it. Floating a website has become the best way to earn money in short time. However, it is not about content or the registered domain name only. There are many things associated with it and that makes the difference. In the era of competition, it is important to have some distinct services and multiple domains hosting in a single server is one of them.

Multiple Domains

Multiple Domain Hosting

The difference comes in the hosting resources available for any domain. It is needless to say that everyone looks for stable and secure hosting services. But it is equally true that people do look for affordable services as well. Basically the services and the range of cost remain close to each other but things get complicated when you owe multiple domains. It will be a costly affair to host the different domains on different servers. It will not only multiply your cost but also will make it a tedious job to manage. Now the era of hosting multiple domains in one server has come. You can have hosting resource and add on the multiple domains you own. The cost if single hosting resource is affordable now thanks to the hosting coupons available. However, it is important to cross check the services offered by the service providers. They advertise as they offer multiple domains on a single server but in reality they offer only single domain. So before taking up the service you must make sure that the provider offers multiple domains services.

How to Add Multiple Domains in Single Server

The process is pretty easy and does not need any technical qualifications to achieve it. One needs to simply go to the control panel and add the domains. You can manage the different domains from the control panel as well. The domains can be registered from any providers and websites can be floated upon. You get same facilities and the performance on each domain as you have got for an individual server. You can install the services if any provider likes WordPress to start working in the websites.

Benefits of Multiple Domains on Single Server

There are scores if benefits of the mechanism. It saves your huge cost and also reduces the effort to manage it. Your purpose of unique identification of every domain gets addressed as well. You get different URL, different mail ids, and others. Their services provided by the hosting services can also be shared among the websites. However, there are drawbacks of the system as well. All your websites come under in server so you become dependent on the server for your entire investment. If anything goes wrong with the server then all the websites go down together.

Multiple domains on the same server are one of the most preferred mechanisms in the world now. People tend to avoid hassles of different servers. Top notch services offer reliable services which are secured.

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