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Analytical Review of DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost is certainly the leading hosting options that come in contemporary situation after HostGator, and Bluehost. It has its own fan base for some of its unique aspects. The most distinguishing part with it has been its controlling options. Apart from this, the ‘unlimited’ tag with most of its features has dragged many attentions. However, it has been receiving complaints regarding comparatively duller customer support. Though the experienced folks are still finding it a good option, the beginners are still facing problems while going through it. Anyway, let’s have a look at its various aspects.

dreamhost review

Attractive Pay back guarantee and discounts

The attention dragging part with DreamHost has been its pay back strategy. Where its contemporaries revolve around 30-45 days, DreamHost comes with unbelievable 97 day pay back options. It means the company is too honest to care for your hard earned money. Play with it, find it better and then own. You can use Dreamhost Coupons 2014 while buying the hosting plan from them. They offer $85 OFF for the first year.

Traffic Driving Strategy:

It provides an awesome free backup space. They go with very stringent deal that resists user from letting visitors to play with the server resources. It also helps them protecting the exclusive stuff. Apart from this, DreamHost may demand for the dedicated service upon finding the site bulky. This is a fantastic step that most of the bloggers and ecommerce sites welcome as DreamHost claims to make some effort if your site creates issues for other users on the server   .

Not So Good Technical Support:

As we have mentioned above, it has not been upto the mark when it comes about providing technical support. The live chat has been disappointing in many occasions. The worst part is that they are not having telephone numbers. The sprinkled downtime has been another flaw part for DreamHost. Most of the low-end websites don’t mind it, but those are broadly focussed in bringing as many visitors as they can, simply find it dissaponting. However, the hosting house comes with the option that the users can leave a note at the company’s blog to have an idea about the time when it can come back on track.

In addition, you can leave notifications for special deals through the blog.

Forum Support Good for Beginners:

Anyway, they have placed the frequently asked questions those cover almost every issue that a user can come across with. Like the others, it makes the process too social through the forum service. In most of the cases, folks from the company sort out the problem through forums. Though this is not an incredible step for the experts, still this is certainly encouraging for the beginners.

Infinite: Bandwidth, Storage Space, FTP

DreamHost comes with a big heart by providing infinite FTP accounts. Apart from this, the company is having no limitation with disk storage capacity, and the monthly bandwidth. This is certainly the department where it has turned out to be a smart performer to have a reason to think about for big websites.


Finally, to be specific we recommend DreamHost if you are planning for a small website, or if you are a smart coder having enough knowledge who wants to have some experiments. As we have said before the service is certainly the concern that comes as a huddle in big sites opting for this. In addition, no blogger, or e-commerce site owner would ever want to see his site down no matter what time of the day it is. You can use DreamHost Coupons. Similarly this is not a good choice for the beginner developers as well.