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How to Start a Blog Step by Step

Starting a blog can prove to be confusing. It is very easy to create a blog and you do not necessarily need any HTML skills.

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Steps to follow when creating a blog

  • Make a decision about what your blog is about; you need to pick a topic first before starting your blog. Choose a topic that you enjoy or are passionate about. This makes it easier for you when it comes to writing the posts. You could start blogging about your hobbies or daily activities.
  • Decide whether to use self-hosted or free blogging platform. WordPress is the platform that is commonly used in blogging. Self hosted is better in terms of more control over your website. You can start your blog just fo 1 Cent with HostGator coupon 1 cent from Best hosting company. WordPress is a better option because of the following reasons;
  1. You can add images or pictures and write blog posts using WordPress
  2. You can categorize your posts or even create a customized menu
  3. People who view your posts can share and comment about them
  4. WordPress has various free themes and layouts that you can choose from
  • Bear in mind that free is not actually free. This is because you do not acquire your personal domain. You only get a sub-domain. In cases where you want extra plugins or themes to modify your blog, then you will have to pay. This simply means that you get no control over your blogs. Your blogs can be deleted in cases where the web owners feel that they do not meet their requirements.
  • Consider the cost of setting up a blog on your personal domain. A domain will normally cost you $10 per year. A service that can connect your blogs to the internet will cost you $4-$7 in one month. This translates to $50 in a year.
  • Choose a domain name for your blogs. Choose a name that can be remembered easily and unique. Make your domain name as short as possible. The name should be catchy and interesting to attract the attention of people who visit the internet.
  • Consider getting your Blog hosting and domain name from the one place. This helps you to save time and money. Do your research to ensure that you get a reputable hosting company. Get a company that has professional customer support which you can access via phone and email. We suggest you to use Hostgator for hosting service and use coupon code HostGator 2014 to save money.
  • Look for a company that can offer you unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This ensures that you do not experience problems in future.
  • You can follow two options when installing your blog;
  • One-Click-Installation
  • Manually; there is a manual tutorial that you can easily follow to put your blogs on the internet.

WordPress blog software is the most preferred choice when it comes to hosting your blogs since it gives more freedom. It offers you plenty of room to grow.