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Pros and Cons of SiteGround Web Hosting

To begin with, SiteGround web hosting is currently one of the best website hosting services in the industry. Their service is basically cheaper than most hosting companies out there, at least the initial plan intended for the bloggers and newbie website owners. On the other hand, there are custom made solutions solely made for the SiteGround subscribers to offer faster website loading, more secured and better hardware ecosystem – all within a low budget range.


Shared hosting plans are most popular on SiteGround hosting but the product list extends to dedicated hosting, dedicated WordPress services, Joomla services and so on. Like any great service, SiteGround hosting has their very own pros and cons as well; which we would discuss after giving you anbrief insight on the SiteGround services.

Shared Hosting

SiteGround’s most popular hosting plan has to be the Shared hosting plans. There are three, starting from $3.95/month ranging all the way up towards $14.95/month. The initial plan named StartUp costs $3.95/month with 10 GB HDD space, bandwidth worth 10,000 monthly visits etc. GrowBig costs $7.95/month, offers 20 GB HDD space and 25,000 monthly visits and for the GoGeek plan, these figures are 30 GB HDD space with 100,000 monthly vists at $14.95/month. Check here all SiteGround shared hosting plans and respective reivews/offers.

Dedicated Servers

A shared server ecosystem might not meet all the requirements of large scale subscribers like businesses or large enterprises, and SiteGround lets people take lease of their dedicated servers for a specific amount of money. The Entry Server plan is based on Intel Xeo CPU, 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive, costing only $229/month. You will get around 30 to 60% discount if you use SelectedHosting promo code while cheking out. On the other hand, the highest tier Enterprise Server plan comes at $429/month and it’s based on Xeon CPU, 16 GB RAM and 2 TB SATA HDD.

WordPress Hosting

For bloggers who only require the website contents to show fluidly without any technical involvement of the website owner in any processes, the WordPress hosting plans are the most suitable ones. Another good news is, the pricing remains exactly the same as the shared hosting plans. To equip a website with WordPress plugin, the cPanel could help. No scratch level modifications would be necessary, thus the hosting remains safe.

Pros and Cons

With great power comes great responsibility, and if the responsibility isn’t always properly dealt with some cons along with pros might arise. Here’s a few we could gather regarding the SiteGround service.


  • Cheaper plans: In comparison with the current website hosting market pricing, the SiteGround price is truly much cheaper. All the companies offer lucrative words in their promotions while they’re mostly misguiding, but SiteGround’s $3.95/month is an actual amount; there wouldn’t be any additional fees.
  • Intruder safe: As the security threat on virtual installments are going high these days, SiteGround has taken extra measures to not let any hacker go past through their firewalls and anti-malware programs.
  • Website uptime: The guarantee of 99.9% isn’t always true, but the actual output is more than 98% which is very close to the promoted extent.


  • Limited features: The cheapest plan is slightly restricted as not many of the high-end features are implemented in the cheapest plan.
  • Limited storage and bandwidth: The initial plan comes with only 10 GB of storage. For serious website users, 10 GB won’t even cut it. On the other hand, there’s no specific mention of bandwidth on the SiteGround website, rather it’s just an approximation of visitors to a website per month.
  • No free trial: While most companies offer free trial and money back guarantees, SiteGround hasn’t truly walked that way. As a result, SiteGround’s service could often feel like a burden.


Reading the surface level facts mentioned on this article, we assume you could have made out an appropriate decision. For better and cheaper rates on website hosting, check with affiliates to get a discount coupon.