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Pros and cons of VPS hosting services

What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an imitation of a dedicated webhost server embedded in shared web hosting server. In simple terms VPS is more in the middle of using a dedicated hosting plan and a shared hosting plan though both hosted on the same physical server. Having a VPS as the name suggests, is like having a private room within the main server with the freedom to reboot at will, do alterations and be able to just view your part. A VPS plan allows independence such as a private hard disk and memory space, operating system, a public IP address and CPU resources.

Some pros and cons of Virtual Private Server include;


    • Cost effective: It is cheap and more affordable than the dedicated hosting plan. Just like in a shared plan of the Bluehost webhosting coupons the many private rooms house many users within the physical server thus the expense is spread out. TIP: You can save money further by using Bluehost coupons. Click here to checkout Bluehost coupons to save money while buying hosting account.

  • More Freedom: It commands more freedom than the shared webhosting plan. A lot of bandwidth is used up by running scripts and programs, with VPS a user using the plan is cut off from other users than in shared hosting.
  • Security & Privacy: With VPS users don’t share server resources or the operating system with fellow users, making it less vulnerable to malicious attacks and hacking. A VPS plan offers a high level of security for websites this also includes some advanced encryption tools.
  • Flexibility Guaranteed; Since the needs keep changing with business growth and all, changing needs can easily be handled. One can with ease add or remove services and plans accordingly.
  • Full Control: A VPS hosting plan allows users with the complete root accessibility control of the virtual server. Based on each clients needs and requirements, the users can at their own convenience install or upgrade software, run scripts, reboot the operating system or reconfigure servers without anybody getting affected.


  • Needs Some Expertise and Technical Knowhow. Might be less expensive but on the flip side it will someone with the expertise and technical knowhow to sort out issues and these cost might weigh down on the user. Users will need to know how to troubleshoot on server problems, software installations and server security.
  • Resources are still limited: Though guaranteed of unshared resources, a single main server will still be shared. Still unlike the dedicated webhosting plan VPS will still not come up to task when it comes to unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  • Not as ideal as Dedicated Hosting: If you are still thinking of that middle sized online business website the VPS will get you experiencing best of both worlds between Shared and dedicated plan.


Though not as perfect as the cons suggest it is much better than shared hosting.VPS hosting forms a good bridge for both shared and dedicated hosting. Users might have affiliation that may lead them to either of the other two. It will all depend on the individual needs and ability of the user to get a plan that suits them best. If you are interested read webhosting reviews at http://hostingdecisions.com and get maximum discount coupons to buy your best hosting account.