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Changing Web Hosting

Web Host Change in 5 Easy Steps

Out of each 5 random website, you are going to find web hosting companies’ ad on at least 3 of them. That’s how virally these companies are spreading, and quite literally they are offering competitive service. The service range greatly varies; there are custom tailored packages as well. If you have a feeling that your current web host is not being able to provide everything you need, then changing the web host could be an option. Switching from one web hosting provider to another could be hectic, but our 5 tips can get you through at ease.

Changing Web Hosting

Grab All Your Data Together

To wrap it up, you have to have all your current website data handy. Just pack it all up and shift it to a new home – that’s what switching to a new web host server is all about but the process is more complicated than it is being said. However, using the FTP protocol on your web hosting server, grab all the required data you have hosted on your server space. If your hosting offers backup facility, you may also grab the backup copy and.

For mailboxes, explore what options you have available. New web host will offer and require new setup for a mailbox hence you need to figure an easier way out.

Find the Most Appropriate Web Host

Finding the perfect web hosting service exists in mere theories, there’s no such thing in reality. The company that might seem perfect today, would most probably require upgrade or a change in the coming few years. However, go shopping and choose the web host that looks perfect for now. Don’t just purchase a subscription because the promotion looks colorful. Focus on customer feedback, practical service uptime and customer service. If your website targets a regional group of audience, try choosing a web server located in that specific region.


The migration will take some advanced technical knowledge about web hosting and FTP protocol. Upon purchase, the new web host is bound to provide new credential set for the FTP server. Previous web host would have theirs hence you would still be able to access the previous FTP. Upload all the website data to your new hosting FTP.Use the control panel provided by the new web host to organize everything as you had in your previous host. If required, install a custom control panel.

Rest the Domain Name Settings

There will be changes in your domain name settings once you have successfully changed the web host. The DNS lookup will no more remain the same as previous; it will now point towards a new address to fetch your website directory and files. If you know under which company your website’s nameserver was registered, you may call them to make the necessary adjustments.

Let Everything Settle

Though the necessary configuration is now complete, yet it takes around 48 hours for all new settings to settle down. The refresh process is called propagation, this term is related to the DNS reassignment and this procedure takes the longest period of time in usual cases. Once you have your website running on the new web host server, check if everything is all okay and ditch the previous hosting.

Coupons for Tryouts

Many companies offer hosting coupons for initially trying out their web hosting services. This may not be a better option while you are switching, but still giving it a try doesn’t hurt.


Following these 5 simple procedures will make the migration happen at ease. If anything is messed up during the process, ask your network administrator.